I was recently approached by a friend that thought it wise to “check” me for my behavior in a certain situation. At first, I listened to their report of their indictment with a respectful ear and gentle attitude. I calmly responded to what they said, yet, when the balance began to tip towards condemnation, I thanked them for their words and walked away—forcibly.


Now, if this was a year ago, I may have responded differently, but being in a position of leadership has taught me that you are never far removed from the criticism of others, even if your intentions are pure, and by this knowledge, you must give way to temperance. In other words, what you learn over the course of your life regarding the knowledge of God should shepherd you along the path of temperance and self-control.


The bible says that Grace and Peace are multiplied to you in the Knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord (2Peter 1:2).  To me, I look at that as a growth hack in the form of a mathematical formula:





To put it simply, Know God, Know Peace (and Grace!). No God, No Peace. Trust and believe that the more you know Him, the more fruit you will bear as a result of it being deposited in the recesses of your heart—for what is buried there will overflow abundantly into the cup of your life. Peace is described in the Amplified version as:


“…perfect well-being, all necessary good, all spiritual prosperity, and freedom from fears and agitating passions, and moral conflicts!” (My God!)


I know many of you are saying right now, after reading that, “I could definitely use some of that!” Well here’s the thing, if you read further in the passage (2Peter 1:3-4), its says that by God’s divine power, he has already given us those things that are requisite (required) to live a full life of godliness. It doesn’t say, he will do it in the future, but it says he HAS given it to us.




God is saying to us, come, taste and see that I am good. Come and buy of me gold that has been purified by the fire that you may be rich! Come, you, without money, and eat at my table. God is calling to know Him by his glory and excellence (because He’s God and the dopest!), and to his glory and excellence (come get some of this!).


Here’s another growth hack for you that you may not want to apply:


Lust + Greed = Rottenness + Corruption (L+G=R+C)


The bi-product of lust and greed is moral decay. So, if you find yourself exhibiting any of these qualities, God provides for you, out of His own excellence, an escape so that you don’t have to fall victim to any aforementioned qualities (L+G=R+C) which is this formula mentioned in 2 Peter 1: 5-9:


The Formula to Achieve Divine Nature


F + V + K + Sc + P + Gl + Ba + L = Dn


(Faith + Virtue + Knowledge + Self Control + Patience + Godliness + Brotherly Affection + Love = Divine Nature)



It All Rests on Faith


Having a tremendous goal in life or very big dreams for your future will never be attained if you never take that first step. You have to start somewhere. Use whatever you have at your disposal to get what you don’t have. Start small; gain momentum; show that you can be faithful with a few; and work your way up to what you’ve always dream.


This is the perspective we must have when hit with the roadblock of, “how do I achieve Divine Nature?”


Everything in the passage that we’ve read in 2 Peter rests on the cornerstone of faith, and from there we build—virtue, knowledge, self-control, etc. The substance of that thing which we hope for is to be like and with Christ in all of his fullness—divine nature. It is the evidence of things not seen. Faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in the Gospel. Faith in the good news. Faith in creation, the fall, our redemption, and glorification. Faith that He’s coming back for his bride; the glorious hope in Christ our risen savior. Faith that, though now, we may see poorly, but one day, we will see him face to face.


One day, our investment of faith will return to us in no small fashion. Even today, I can see the dividends of what it means to know God and know peace.


I promise, if you work on these qualities everyday and get to know Him more and more, like a light at the end of a tunnel, your divine nature will shine brighter and brighter until it is as bright as the noonday sun shining in your hearts!


God Bless You!


P.S. They were right in their indictment 😉